Facebook To Bring Back Messenger To Android

Facebook reportedly to revive special messaging feature that it stopped three years ago called the Message integration.  Facebook lets users to respond to text messages received thru Messenger app from face book.

Facebook To Bring Back Messenger To Android

The feature seems nice but Facebook decided to stop the service last 2013 month of November due to its poor market adoption.  But now identical function popping up for few Android owners in United States, just today we discovered via screenshots from Android Police.

Facebook confirmed the SAID test, telling that they are on the process of testing the upcoming features to easily bring up conversations both text SMS to Messenger in one place, a simple way to respond all messages in one app by just choosing access to your SMS in Messenger.

Facebook rumored also to launch multiple accounts for Android Messenger. As Facebook launched this feature way back 2012, they said that it would not store the texts and then would not allow this feature to work on messenger web version or even on other platforms.  Until today it is still unclear if same restrictions will be applied this time as the company did not respond on our request.

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