Huawei strengthens bond with Leica with the creation of joint R&D facility

When the Huawei P9 and P9 Plus first launched, the only thing that amazed us about these pieces of hardware was not that they had impressive specs but the fact that they had their dual rear cameras made by Leica, one of the leading firms in the world when it comes to camera technology. After this partnership, Huawei went the extra mile by branding the back of these devices with the Leica naming system and from then, people started to ask questions on whether this was just a one-off affair or something that would last long.

Well, the first way that Huawei put these questions was stating that their upcoming devices would also be developed by Leica in terms of camera and with recent reports of a research and development centre being loaned by both companies, it is sure that they are both in for the long haul.

Although the Huawei P9 failed to impress us much in terms of camera, this failure wasn’t due to the fact that the camera quality was or any other thing of the sort but because being made by Leica, we expected some big bang or some rabbit to get pulled out of a hat, which we didn’t see.

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