LeTV follows Huawei and Xiaomi into India

The Chinese internet corporation LeTV is now set to sell smartphones in India, the hot on heels Chinese rivals of Huawei and Xiaomi.

LeTV which recently as LeEco announced that they will release two new devices in the market, the midrange Le1s and flagship spec LeMax Le1s scheduled launched will be this February 2, while LeMax Pro will be two weeks after the launch of Le1s.

The company is noted as China’s largest Internet business and has fingers many pies, hardware manufacturing, film, e-commerce and television, even smart and car devices. It is the latest Chinese firms to set shop in India, following footsteps of Xiaomi and Huawei.

The former begin manufacturing devices back in August, taking advantage of India tax incentive, while Huawei has been selling handsets for years, given green light to do same last July.

Though China is world’s largest smartphone market, its growth quickly stunting, meanwhile India will be the boom period, with smartphone penetration of 18 percent, according to Research Manager Kiran Kumar, prompting every brands around the world to double down on investments in the region.

The company said it will be opening a large research and development centre to oversee development of India specific offerings.

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