Oppo N3 latest leak shows differently-designed camera phone

Last week, we showed you pictures of an alleged Oppo N3 smartphone we obtained from the world wide web, today, another “leak” was sent to us and clearly, these two don’t tell a similar story.

Alledged Oppo N3
The first picture showed a rounded box on top of the device holding a rotating camera while this one shows a plain smartphone — much like the Oppo N1 and N1 mini — with a twistable camera compartment.

The lack of a story accompanying the pictures doesn’t help matters at all. However, it is conceivable that Oppo could produce two versions of the N3 based on these two different designs, but that doesn’t looks probable for now.

First Oppo N3 alleged picture.
First Oppo N3 alleged picture.

With that, let’s know what you think of the two alleged Oppo N3 designs? Will you prefer the first (pictured above) or the latest one?

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