Pictures of Android 5.0 L version of Google Play Store surface

While Google may be prepping to unleash Android 5.0 L for the whole world, we, your exclusive mobile news companion has obtained some pictures of what’s found on the inside.

google-play-4 google-play-3 google-play-5.0-7 google-play-1 google-play-5
Above are screenshots of the version of Google Play Store that will accompany the new OS.According to TechnoBufalo the only new thing you can witness on the Play Store — judging by these pictures — is just a design overhaul. However, till we get close to em’ software, let’s keep our mouths shut.

Google is still fiddling with our patience when it comes to releasing the Android L platform. We aren’t exactly sure of when the debut is going to happen but indications show it won’t be beyond this year, at least.

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