Samsung becomes top phone seller across all continents

Samsung is bullet-proof, nothing to loose(you grab?). OK, forget the song by David Guetta featuring Sia, let’s face it. The South Korean phone maker can only get better it seems, it literally has nothing to loose.

Samsung has become the bigger seller of mobile phones in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Middle East, North America, South America and Western Europe. This is the first time the Korean company made the achievement, with Nokia being the last company that completed such feat, that was, in the good ol’ days.

Samsung becomes top phone seller across all continents
Samsung racked up 120.1 million mobile phones in sales globally in the third Quarter, greedily taking captive of 28.6% of the market share. This was done with the help of the company’s flagship Samsung Galaxy S4 which has already racked up 40 million units in sales since launch day.

Samsung has boasted it will supply 50% of the smartphones sold in Africa this year. A region where it faces stiff opposition from inexpensive smartphone-making Chinese and Indian OEMs like Tecno, Gionee and Infinix.

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